Monday, October 13, 2008

50 PHUL Projects

Day 5.  After running two carloads of PHUL inventory to the new office I sat down for coffee with Melissa Foxworth (PHUL Director of Outreach/Development).  Having nothing organized to talk about we decided to jot down the first 50 PHUL projects we could think of to start a dialogue about the year.  For fun, here they are, with no details, priority or logical order.  Certainly not an exhaustive list (only had one cup of coffee), but it's good to see some of it down on paper

1.) Middle School League
2.) Sponsorship Coordinator
3.) Scholarship Fundraising Coordinator
4.) PHUL Newsletter
5.) Reinstate Gym Demos
6.) PHUL Summer Camp
7.) Volunteer Training
8.) Summer Alumni Tournament
9.) Youth League/Team Organizers Conference
10.) PHUL Media Coordinator
11.) PHUL Parents Boosters Program
12.) Office DVD/Magazine lending library
13.) Reinstate Rec. Chair
14.) Reinstate Nick's Nook
15.) PHUL game discs
16.) Alumni Database/Groups
17.) Tournament in a box website
18.) PHUL Winter League
19.) PHUL and WPIUA
20.) NRG Campaign
21.) PHUL Leadership Class
22.) PHUL Field Mash-up
23.) PHUL reserved fields
24. PHUL College Fair/picnic
25.) PHUL Fall Elite Tournament
26.) PHUL 3v3 tournament
27.) Youth Summer League
28.) YMCA Youth Ultimate Programs
29.) After School Middle School Ultimate Programs
30.) PHUL Marketing Director
31.) Ultimate gear recycling program/drive
32.) PHUL Community Outreach/clean-up days
33.) PHUL general info line (staff the 1-888-500-PHUL line)
34.) Coaching Clinic (non-UPA)
35.) Video Game tournament fundraiser
36.) PHUL Ultimate 101 Videos
37.) PHUL Fitness program
38.) PHUL Blog (ok, so that's this.... but not sure where it's going)
39.) Survey Monkey account (paid)
40.) JV Commissioner
41.) "Improving Pittsburgh Program"
42.) Improved Web presence
43.) Update Scholarship site
44.) Archive all past game results
45.) Create PHUL Collateral/glossies
46.) PHUL History book/site
47.) Youth Organizers Conference Calls
48.) Rodney Jacobson Tech Support
49.) Thursday Pizza nigh at CPU Office
50.) PHUL podcast/radio (Tad Wissel)


Anonymous said...

Darren these are some great projects and ideas. I think the extra PHUL leagues and tournaments would be awesome (especially the 3v3 one). Not to mention starting up the Newsletter would keep everyone up to date since most people are too lazy to check the bboard. To top it off the pizza nights and video game tournament we be a lot of fun. I would love to see all of these in action, and if u need an extra hand with any of them i would be more than happy to help out as best i can.

Darren Shultz said...

Colin, the biggest hurdle for our running more tournaments is lack of reservable field space. There's a plan in the works to streamline this process so hopefully we'll have some success.

Glad to have your help, we'll keep you in the loop

Sean said...

Thurs Night Pizza in the Office...or...Thurs Night Pizza at Pizza Hut:

The program I run at my high school does this and raises ~$250 per night, with no setup but telling the 70 families we serve and our fellow teachers to come. We usually get ~30 or so families and then I go to tables and ask them to say they are with the fundraiser.

If you find a Pizza Hut in a central location and get the PGH community moving...could be some easy money for you, for VERY little setup.

Sean said...

**I go to the other tables at the restaraunt and kindly interrupt families attempting to enjoy a meal [shameless]

Darren Shultz said...

Thanks for the idea Sean. I believe Max and Erma's does something similar and PHUL did a fundraiser like this with Baja Fresh... back when it still existed on Forbes.