Saturday, February 28, 2009

PHUL 2009 Registration is now live

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The PHUL Bounty System is live!

I originally explained this idea in a previous blog post:

PHUL is now officially offering a monetary incentive to... heck, anyone, who "closes" a new PHUL team for us. The short version is this: Form a new PHUL team, get the cash money. In slightly more detail:

  1. Take a look at this sheet (which will be updated over the next few days):

  2. If you call/talk/convince a player/captain at the school listed to start a team for PHUL 2009, you receive 50% of the bounty listed in the appropriate column. The other 50% is used to reduce the sign-up fee for the first 10 players on that team.

  3. If you want to help start a team but don't have the time to be the "closer" you can be a donor. Simply send a check to 165 Morewood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 made out to "PHUL" and indicate in the memo section what team the donation is for. We'll use your money to increase the bounty on that team, thus increasing the chances of that team forming.

  4. Names of closers will be listed on a Bboard post at Same with names of donors if they wish. If you wish to remain anonymous please request so, but come on...

The fine print: (This could get a bit tricky, but all you need to know is above, this is to settle any disputes that may arise and to handle all foreseen situations)
  1. A team can not claim the bounty on itself. However the first 10 players that register and pay and have UPA memberships for that team will receive 1/20th of the bounty each. A $100 bounty will mean $50 to the closer and $50 to the first 10 players, or $5/player.

  2. A girls team member may claim the bounty on an open team and visa-verse.

  3. There are no bounties for JV teams. There will be other incentives offered by the league to form JV teams.

  4. There is a floor on the price of registering for PHUL at $10. So if a bounty for a particular team goes over a limit that would reduce the player fee in PHUL to less than $10, the extra goes solely to the closer. For example, if the fee in PHUL is $45 then this limit would be at $700. 700/20 = $35 off per player, 45-35 = $10)

  5. Bounties only exist for teams that have not existed in the PHUL spring season since 2004.

  6. You must be able to explain why you are the one who "closed" the team (convinced them to be 100% in the league in 2009). All disputes on this matter will be settled by Darren Shultz.

  7. When you begin working with a contact to from a potential team, it is in your best interest to e-mail the commissioner of that division and CC Darren Shultz, or to call both of those people. This is to ensure that the admin is in the loop as early as possible about the work you are doing.

  8. PHUL Admin/Staff are eligible to participate.

  9. Prize money (bounty) may be split, but only with the mutual agreement of the winners, otherwise the league will determine who the sole winner is.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Way to go Steelers!