Monday, October 27, 2008

If they didn't pay me I'd do it for free - part 1

I've got a question to the readers today; it's not just for curiosity, I actually would like to use this feedback to build our structure over the next few years. So please consider this your (one of many) opportunity to makes demands and see if we can deliver.

How much would PHUL have to pay in a yearly salary for PHUL to employ you "full time" (20-40 hours a week, with you holding no other full time job)?

It doesn't really matter "for what". Any position in PHUL that makes any modicum of sense we could make work, so feel free to post a comment with what your position would be, if you wish.

We're certainly getting a little ahead of ourselves here, as the one full time position we have isn't even self-sustaining yet. Heck I'm not even sure it's defined yet, or if we have a name for it. That full time position is mine though, and for the record, I'd like some co-workers who can devote something closer to full attention to our shared goals. We'll do a little dreaming on this tomorrow in the next post.

The PHUL job that I have currently pays $25,000 a year. Right now it is loosely defined as "Director of Operations" + "Make the position self-sustaining". This is funded through a generous donation from Henry and Karen Thorne, but it dries up a little each year and after 3 years the money is gone. By then the hope is to have PHUL able to pay the full $25k a year. The problem with this is if I were to leave, it's hard to find another sucker who wants to do this at the going rate, unless they happen to suffer from the same affinity for this specific job that I do and would do it for free if they could. A more realistic pay is probably $40,000 a year, and we'd all like to see PHUL reach that point before we call this position self-sustaining.

If you were to come on as PHUL's second employee, what would we have to pay you? What might you want to do? Tomorrow's post will throw out my philosophy about jobs and PHUL that might help thoughts on this.

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