Thursday, October 23, 2008

Middle School Flyer

I'm on my way out the door to guest-coach Fox Chapel for a day.  Fox Chapel is a bit of a storied program.  The team ("Sexof", or foxes backwards) lost in finals of 2001, 14-16 to Mt. Lebanon, only to defeat Lebo the next year by the same score (winning team pictured above).  They'd make it to semis in '03 and '04, and win their 2nd championship in '05.  The team fell out of these top spots for the next 3 years. 

The interesting thing to me is that so much Ultimate happens right in their back yard.  PCL this year and last, middle school pick-up, practices for Run/Burgh/Forge for the last 8 years, Summer league games, pick up,  PHUL girls skills clinics and Moxie practice, and I'm sure I'm missing co-ed and women's and masters and more that regularly used the 4 Fox Chapel fields (HS, Upper and Lower O'Hara and Squaw/McCahill) routinely.  Did this program pass up an opportunity to embrace all these great benefits right in their hometown, or have they just hit a bump in the road and are ready to become again a program of similar stature to North Hills, Mt. Lebanon and Hampton?

Well, I'm on my way to go catch a glimpse, and from the number of Freshman I've seen out in the fall, things are looking up.  Want to build your program into a dynasty for years to come?  Start 'em young:

Oh, and if you live in Fox Chapel, it's right in your back yard.

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