Friday, October 2, 2009

Club Team History - Pittsburgh Forge

We had hoped to have time to do an overview of all the Pittsburgh based club teams competing in the UPA Series to follow up on our alumni post regarding Founders Sectionals. Due to time constraints we have a unfinished overview of Forge, but we'll share with yinz. Good Luck to Wildcard, The Muff 'n Men, Forge and Swagger U this weekend at Club Mid-Atlantic (Open, Mixed and Women's) Regionals


Forge is the current "main" Club Open team, formed out of a combination of Burgh ('05-'07) and Sir Duke ('07), both of those teams having their origins in Run ('01-'04), which was created as a feeder team to the club team "Powder Keg" in 2001. Powder Keg prophetically exploded after one year, leaving Run as the only Open Club team in Pittsburgh at the start of the decade.

Team Histories: Run:

Pittsburgh Men's Club team final standings '01 - '09:

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