Friday, September 18, 2009

PHUL Alumni at UPA Founders Sectionals

This weekend 6 Pittsburgh teams will travel to the UPA Founders Sectionals across three divisions. In the Open division will be Forge and Swagger U. Steel Reserve (the "2nd team" to Forge) will not be playing. In the Mixed Division The Muff 'n Men will represent our city. In the Women's Division, Pittsburgh will be competing as part of a regional team as Wildcard. The local women's college teams from Pitt and CMU will be competing respectively as Danger and Money Mellons.

Open Division:
  • Forge, seeded 1st: (6 of 21 players)

    - Ben Banyas(C), Fox Chapel '01-'02
    - Bob Liu, North Allegheny '05
    - Chris Brenenborg, Central Catholic '03-'06
    - David Vatz, Mt. Lebanon '01-'04
    - Hao Su, Mt. Lebanon '04-'06
    - Ryan Smith, Montour '07-'08

  • Swagger U, seeded 7th: (13 of X? players)
    - Alex Thorne, North Hills
    - Allen Rakers, Hampton
    - Ben Funk, North Hills
    - Chris Lippert, North Hills
    - Colin Conner, North Hills
    - Colin Hite, North Hills
    - Jack Ross, North Hills
    - Jay Huerbin, Hampton
    - Jeff Olko, North Hills
    - Max Thorne (current PHUL player), North Hills
    - Nick Kaczmarek, Bethel Park
    - Pat Earles (current PHUL player), North Hills
    - Ryan Earles, North Hills
Mixed Division:
  • The Muff 'n Men, seeded 5th: (5 of 27 players)

    - Brian "Red" Grace, Taylor Allderdice '02-'04
    - Bulgan Buuch, Shady Side Academny '04-'05
    - Greg Wilson, Fox Chapel '07
    - Laura Perkins, Fox Chapel '05-'07
    - Maria Bajzek, Oakland Catholic '07-'09
Women's Division:
  • Wildcard, seeded 1st

    - Chelsea Grindle, North Hills '06, North Hills Girls '07-'08

  • Danger (Pitt), seeded 5th

    - Anna Rakers, Hampton Girls '07-'08
    - Bailey Moorhead, Mt. Lebanon Girls '08
    - Rachel Fedoronko, Hampton Girls '08
    - Robin Eng, Fox Chapel '08
    - Shannon Helfer

  • Money Mellons (CMU), seeded 7th

    - Roster unknown
Good luck to all PHUL Alumni and Pittsburgh players this weekend!


David Todd said...
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Susan said...

I believe Shannon Helfer went to Bethel Park, unsure of years she played but she graduated this spring