Sunday, September 13, 2009

Community event: Wild Art Wild Trails Festival, Mt. Washington

This Labor Day, Monday September 7th, 2009, the MWCDC (Mount Washington Community Development Corporation) hosted their first annual Wild Art Wild Trails Festival. The event featured a community clean-up of an illegal dump site and a festival later in the day. Debris collected during the clean-up was made into art by local artists, and children in the area were encouraged to come out to Mt. Washington Park where they could climb a rock wall, listen to live music and learn about Ultimate in Pittsburgh. Thank you to those volunteers who attended to help promote the sport of Ultimate and to Nicole Shannon for leading PHUL's involvement in this project.

The last we heard, the MWCDC was attempting to use sports (boxing) to revitalize a local park by adding an adult presence and activities after school hours to a currently vacant and problem area. PHUL applauds the efforts to use sports as a way to improve the community, safety and health of local children.

For more information on the event see the original press release: [link expired...]
For more information on the MWCDC:


Nicole said...

Also, thanks to Shelley Acheson, Rob Adamson, Geoa Geer, and Matt Huber for their help at the event!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you all for everything you do for the children of this City. Your participation in our festival really helped introduce a broad spectrum of kids to frisbees. After the festival, I drove down one of the more troubled blocks of Mt. Washington, and found several children outside playing with their frisbees. Thank you!

Ilyssa Manspeizer
Park Manager, MWCDC