Monday, November 10, 2008

Updates: Lead Fundraiser, Playing opportunities

+ PHUL Scholarship lead fundraiser: Congratulations to Melissa Foxworth for being named the PHUL Scholarship lead fundraiser. Melissa has worked the last year as the Director of Outreach and Development for PHUL.

Opportunities to play this winter:

+ 11/15/08 - PCL (PHUL Club League) Tournament: Ben Banyas is organizing the final event for PCL this Saturday Nov 15th. An outdoor tournament in Fox Chapel, $10 a player, free to PCL players, details here. Email to register.

+ Nov 22nd...ish on - PHUL Winter League: There has been interest expressed for an indoor PHUL Winter League. It is possible that we may find the space to do this at PISA or Neville Island. The season would be roughly Nov 22nd to the end of December. We could probably only fit 4-6 teams. If you are interested please e-mail More details to be posted on the bboards or e-mailed to captains in the next 48 hours. PHUL has held one winter league in 2002, this league was organized and run by then Mt. Lebanon player David Vatz.

+ 12/20/08 (tentatively) SAYWHUT (The Snow-And-You Winter Hat Ultimate Tournament): This one-day outdoor winter tournament was created by Christie Lawry in 2005 and ran again in 2007 by Liz Clark on Dec 29th of the respective years. Both girls where members of the PHUL Board, and used the event as the 2nd largest fundraiser for the PHUL Scholarship outside of the PHUL Benefit dinner. This year, with the transition of the PHUL Board into a new PHUL Leadership Council (soon to be announced) we are looking for someone to run the event. The Council will be an obvious place to draw from, but if you are interested please drop a line.

+ 1/2/09 FNOF (First Night Of Flight) Tournament: No major update just listing it in the timeline. PHUL can still save you $5.

+ 1/10/09 CPU Winter League: No major update just listing it in the timeline. Not a PHUL event, open to (roughly) all ages.

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